Hi there! You’re here because you’re interested in Clicking Caravan (which is awesome!) Clicking Caravan—presented by Horn Photo—is a photo-outing adventure where Horn Photo and a Central Valley venue work together to provide you with a scene, models, and photo experts so you can practice your photography skills while having a great time with other photo enthusiasts and professionals.

What’s better than that? It’s free to attend and participate!

Getting Involved

Check out all of our upcoming Clicking Caravan Events!

What to Expect

We invite you to browse through the image galleries of our past events which will give you a taste of what Clicking Caravan is all about. Maybe your images will make a guest appearance on our next event gallery!

How to Prepare

Although Clicking Caravan is free for anyone, we do recommend that you register for our events (for free) because this is the only way you’ll be eligible to win prizes. Check out our Current Events section to see where Clicking Caravan is headed next!

Beyond that, just bring your camera and get ready to have fun!